Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama Urges Students to Stay Informed, Vote

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden spoke at universities around the Midwest on Monday, pitching to young voters the importance of staying politically active and voting in midterm elections.

He said the midterm elections might not be as exciting as the 2008 presidential race, but that it is still a "big choice. That has big consequences. ..."

"Back in 2008, a lot of young people got involved in my campaign because they... generally felt that we needed to bring about fundamental changes in how we operate," Obama said.

He said due to the financial crisis and constant argument in Washington, he understands why we are thinking "things haven't changed as much as we would have liked or as quickly as we would have liked -- even though the health care bill got passed, financial regulatory bill got passed, and we brought an end to our combat mission in Iraq. Still it seems as if a lot of the old politics is still operating in Washington."

His response is that all change is a slow progression, and that these elections are crucial in determining what that will look like.

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