Monday, November 29, 2010

Real World advice from College Graduates

Our professors give us relevant advice for the future, as do our parents. Sometimes a successful life seems unattainable to a budding college graduate on his or her way to the real world.

The web site Quintessential Careers has a compilation of different advice from recent college graduates. The site, founded by a doctoral student at Florida State University in the 80s, is the leader in career and job-search advice.

The web site lists different categories like job hunting tools, or career tools, and it compiles different advice from recent graduates polled from 100 different universities across the country.

Visitors can take advantage of advice anywhere from: Does college coursework prepare you for the real world? to the most important piece of advice for soon-to-be grads.

While some of the advice states the obvious (One graduate says the most important thing to remember in the real world is smile) it is advice from people, who were in our shoes just two or three years ago. Most of the information presented can be helpful advice, and it hopefully can be utilized.

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