Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is Graduate school the right route?

Many students are relying on graduate school to further their education and help them get a leg up in the job world. A lot of school of communication graduates are told that experience is the most important commodity when applying for jobs in the field, but the Murrow College of Communication offers graduate programs for students that have an interest in furthering their education in communication-related studies.

Before making such a big decisions, Communication majors should weigh their pros and cons. First and foremost is money. With budget cuts, student loans and a poor economy, graduate school is a big investment. Before deciding to take the plunge, understand that the communication field is always changing. It is not plausible that you will be working in the exact same field, doing the exact same thing your whole life. When considering the ever-changing field, graduate school might seem like an extreme investment.

On the other hand,it may yield positive results. Blogger Penelope trunk lists 7 reasons why she thinks graduate school is overrated. Read here her reasons for heading straight for the workforce.

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