Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Move Out or Not to Move Out, that is the Question...

According to MonsterTRAK’s 2007 survey of college students and recent grads, 48 percent of the Class of 2007 said they planned on living at home for at least a few years post graduation. Over 42 percent of graduates said they were living at home in a survey done in 2006.

Let’s face it, majority of college grads are in debt with over $20,000 in tuition loans. It is smart to live at home if you are in debt to get your finances in order, at least for a couple years.

Bill Coplin, author of 25 Ways to Make College Pay Off, thinks otherwise.
He said there are major downfalls of living at home post graduation.

First, he said the graduate will experience an “unrealistic level of comfort, making a break for independence difficult.” Second, he said, “The financial pressure to stick [with] a job and work hard is not there if he can quit and not become homeless.” His third point was that the graduate is unwilling to become an adult.

If you decide to move back in with your parents, make living easier for you and for them by following some of the tips called Make Living at Home Work for You.

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